Storm Response

 Customer Response Priority

Priority 1 – Trees on houses or businesses (to protect from further water intrusion and to allow roof tarping).

Priority 2 – Broken / hung / lodged trees that if they fell would cause damage to homes or business.

Priority 3 – Trees blocking drives / on vehicles / or other outer structures.

Priority 4 – General clean up of trees down in yards and pruning of trees with broken / hanging branches that are not a threat to structures or vehicles.

Please remember, our office phones will be overwhelmed.  If your request is not a priority 1 or 2, please allow those with more significant problems our first response efforts.

We are running 8 crews with multiple cranes available to remove trees from structures.  With the phones potentially congested, please email your request to office@fieldertree along with a brief description of your need.  We will be monitoring this and will respond to your request.

Thank you for your patience and we will make every effort to respond as quickly as possible.